"Oh man, I sure do love all these alive celebrities! Hope they don't die!"


The 2016 Pillow is a pillow that is unobtainable in the store/pillows page in PFS. The only way to get it was to login during the New Year celebrations for 2016. On the Pillow is the text "2016" imprinted with Jopede and PlaceRebuilder firework explosion as the particle being emitted.


So 2016 wasn't bad eh? Nothing major... Unless you call Donald Trump, Brexit, Brazillian Olympics and England getting absoultely DESTROYED by Iceland in the European Championship as major.

Plus we got a helluva lot of celebrity deaths. When I mean a alot I'm not even joking. I can personally name 20 people who died.


  • Reference to the creators of PFS, Jopede and PlaceRebuilder.
  • May be the rarest pillow as it was avalable for only a short period.