―King Arthur


Avalanche consists of players running away from, well, an avalanche.

Players start inside of a cabin, and they must make their way to the cave at the end of the map to win the round. Some players may spawn inside the Fish cabin with a locked door.

Supposedly, this map takes place in Norway, as indicated by the Norwegian.


This ski-resort, built by a crafty Norwegian, seemed like a great place for our fighters to take a short rest and chill out.

Unfortunately for them, and their incredibly loud screams, an avalanche came tumbling down.

Their only hope now? Run away!


  • You can take the lift to avoid being hit by snowballs on your way to the goal.
  • To avoid exploding into bits from landmines, you can continuously jump through the minefield and hope for the best.
  • Normally walking across the planks in the cave isn't such a good idea, as you can just spam jump to avoid triggering the planks to fall.
  • To get out of the locked cabin, hit the left side of the door until it opens.


  • There's a easter egg right when your about to go inside the cave, above you can see PlaceRebuilder and Jopede frozen in ice.
  • At the start of the map, there is an exploding Norwegian, one of the few AIs in PFS.