"This pillow is filled with chips but is sealed by a magical power"


The Chips Pillow is a pillow obtainable in the store/pillows page in PFS. The pillow has a chip packet design on the pillow with potato chips as the particles emitted.


Darn you people who despise of high fat and salt content. Now we resort to fighting noobs with extra large packets that look suspiciously like pillows.

And even in some countries, it isn't called "Potato Chips". It's called "Crisp" in some countries, including the country that started it all, England.

Then again, what am I? An obese over-writer for these useless summaries that nobody will probably read. That's my life and I appreciate it.


  • The label "Plays" is a play on the company name "Lays", popular within Europe and North America.
  • It is one of the few pillows that can be obtained in two ways.
  • Used to be an actual Lays packet cover until 2017.