"I asked to go Switzerland, but I guess this is my Uber didn't understand English."


A ski slope, on a mountain. Some holes and people falling down inside plastic balls. Not exactly good is it?

The first ski slope is generally obstacle free apart from ramps and poles. When you hit the rock face and the second ski slope, obstacles such as abysses appear. Avoid these at all costs.


When your mother said do an outdoor sport, I don't think she meant throwing yourself off a ski slope, in some giant plastic balls, with your friends did she?

Luckily, there are some ways of getting out of the wrath of your mom. One of which is to fall down the various holes in the ski slope. Guess you didn't read the sign that says the slopes were closed for renovations.

The other is survive. Santa would be very proud.


  • Use ramps to avoid obstacles and gaps in the map.
  • Bumping into other people will make you lose speed, avoid them by using WASD.


  • You get the Santa Pillow for winning.
  • Removed due to the fact Ball gamemodes are laggy for mobile users.