"A quest to take grinch down and get christmas back. "


An obby with a wintry feel. Doesn't feel like that with rising snow so adamant to kill you. Just run.


The winter storms forced to run. Unfortunately, you did seem to take more care running then being prepared for running.

I don't think running in some pants and a hat is ideal in these temperatures eh?

Survival skills at the ready men. I mean, toddlers.


Obstacle 1 - Pillar Jump - Negotiate the slightly slanted pillars.

Obstacle 2 - Windmill - Cross the rotating windmills.

Obstacle 3 - The Climb - Climb up using the trusses and platforms

Obstacle 4 - Rotating Platforms - Cross the rotating white platforms

Obstacle 5 - Land Jump - Jump from pieces of land to another.

Obstacle 6 - Invisible Beam - Cross the near invisible beams and after that more land jumps. There are two paths.

Obstacle 7 - Finish Line - Negotiate the platforms, land jumps and trusses to win.


  • Take your time with the parkour bits.
    • That said, because of the rising snow, you may want to hurry.
  • Everything and everyone is an obstacle.
  • The Invisible Beam is near invisible if you directly down at it.
  • Touching the snow will result in loss of legs or death.