"Temple Run but with snow...and also on roblox."


A snowy version of Temple Run. Nice.

Like DoomedWalls you have to outrun something. In this case, it is a wall of flames. Avoid obstacles such as breathing penguins, breathing snowmen, spikes and, of course, the deadly water.


Not again. You didn't listen to my warning. Again. I specifically said not to download any mobile apps that transport you into a giant running simulator. This isn't Jumanji: Enter the Jungle is it?

Actually, credit to you. You get a free hat from Santa for winning. I think you got yourself off the naughty list didn't you?


  • Take your time to get the jumps in, but not too much time.
  • You can jump on various objects such as presents and giant snowballs.
  • The ice hinders movement, keep this in mind when turning corners.
  • People can still knock you over with their pillows. Be careful of this, especially at the end.


  • You get the Santa Hat for winning, on your own.