"Like Jaws, but in ROBLOX, and with toys."


The alternate to Jotanic, it is based on a similar concept. There are lockable doors and has everything a normal ship has. What this doesn't have is maze like corridors of doors and pathways.

Just as well, Snappers may want to invade your privacy.


Calling this the sister to Jotanic is a bit insulting. Sure they came from the same continent and both sank due to one animal. Actually, I can see why people don't like boating these days.

Oh well, at least the Cruise wasn't expected to sink. Or maybe it was, due to the lifeboats it supplies.


  • Staying on the upper decks is important, as some people may lock you down in the bowls of the ship.


  • This map is similar to Jotanic.
  • Going to the control panel near the lifeboats will lock all doors in the ship.