"Does this remind anyone of Templ-OOOF"
―Dead guy


Ever needed danger in your life? Needed a reason to run? Well, DoomedWalls is the place for you.

If you walk, you get mauled by monkeys. If you run you get mauled by monkeys. You can see where this is going.


This time you are minding your own business until wild monkeys came out of a temple.

Okay, maybe you shouldn't of been in a place that looks awfully familiar to one of the most downloaded mobile apps of all time. Maybe, it's just a coincidence.

Whatever it is, you better sprint.


  • Most of the time, the monkeys glitch out, so take your time if this happens.
  • Be sure to get some space from other players so you don't accidentally bump into them and fall to your doom.
  • Most people will fail the first jumps, so don't expect too much competition.
    • Time your jumps carefully as there is very little room for error.


  • This map is based off Temple Run.
  • Was Halloween themed during Halloween 2017.