"Sponsored by Buddy the Elf!"


The Elf Hat is a hat unobtainable in the store in PFS. It's literally just a elf hat.


The hat of the Santa's little helper. No not a Simpsons dog but the furry little elves!

If you have nightmares of elves sneaking into your room at night, don't be afraid! They don't bite. Mostly.

Just check if they are wearing this hat. If they aren't and are wielding a baton with a loot bag, just sleep. All I got to say.


  • During Christmas 2016, it used to cost 250 stars, during Winter 2018, it costs 100 stars.
  • During Christmas 2015, everybody wore this hat for free, but was taken back at the end of the event.
    • This technically makes it the first hat in PFS.
  • Part of Christmas 2015, 2016 and Winter 2018.