"Finland, home of people that don't know how to drive trucks, apparently."


The Finland Pillow is a buyable pillow from the PFS store/pillows section. It has the blue cross of Finland on the pillow, with the Coat of Arms for Finland as particles.


Finland. Country in Europe. Nordic and Scandinavian.

8th largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated country in the EU (well until the United Kingdom begs to be back in it because the value of sterling drops 2000% after leaving).

Mostly inhabited by Finnish people (of course) and the capital city Hellsinki... I mean Helsinki. Even says here that it used to be part of the Swedish Empire.

Yes, you have probably realized I am pulling out this stuff out of Wikipedia. But it really is a good country. If you can minus the fact that vikings came from here. Oh and the fact that people can't drive trucks.


  • In real life, the Coat of Arms for Finland are a red shield with yellow lions, not blue as shown in-game.
  • Related to the creator of PFS, Jopede.
  • The pillow had an another sound effect, what got removed.
  • It has a unique swing animation.