"As much as these little guys are cute, its BEST that you shouldn't go near an inch of 'em"
―R2DA Veteran


Stay far away from these things as possible as they can grab you and do serious damage. Also, you can't kill them, so good luck surviving.


Some Boos migrated here after the defeat of Lord Pumpkin Jr. However, they are back to their old habits of taking random people, hoping they can still save them from an "unseen" peril.


  • As more the time goes on, more swarms of Boo's will appear.
  • They are even more dangerous on LavaCave as they can drop you to your death if grabbed.


  • The 2016 version uses the same mesh as the Boo in R2DA.
  • During Halloween Event 2017, Ghosts have a different appearance.
    • They were the same mesh from as the Ghosts from 2015.
      • You can also hit the 2017 version of the Ghosts with your pillow. You can use this as a advantage to save people if they get grabbed by one.