"We live. We die. We brawl with pillows, until nine! Cause then it's bedtime :("
―Pillow Fighters Group


The Group Pillow is a pillow obtainable in the pillows page in PFS. The pillow is a comic book design with the word "Kapow", "Bam" and "Pow" as particles.


Just like a comic book, this is pretty valuable, when it gets older. I hear kids just love this pillow, they trade this in for other pillows, like that Pokemon trading card game I always hear on the news.

Hell, I can see this becoming the new craze. Well, that is if bottle flipping, fidget cubes and fidget spinners die out. Which will be soon...


  • Join this group to get this pillow.
  • Joining the group and unjoining it does not give you this pillow.
  • During 2015 and some of 2016, this pillow had different particles, with more transparency, and a more outstretched design.