"Traps, puzzles, a hat, its all yours pal. As long as you've got enough rubies. RUBIES."


An Obby that has many dangerous traps and and puzzles. Winning the Obby rewards you with a certain hat.


When they said "prove yourself in real-life situations", I don't think they meant, "take part in a suicidal dash to reach the end of an obby, avoiding pillows, spinny things, tall blocks etc" just to claim a hat, did they?

It's okay, the course is superficial. You can ask all the people who have come out of this course. No harm to their bodies.

Keyword: Alive.


Obstacle 1 - Pillar Jump - Negotiate the pillars, varying in height.

Obstacle 2 - The Climb - Use the platforms and trusses to climb to the next obstacle.

Obstacle 3 - Windmill - Traverse the windmills which can spin in any direction.

Obstacle 4 - Colored Doors - Find the color code for the doors (Right, Middle, Left).

Obstacle 5 - Rotating Platforms - Cross the yellow platforms which rotate.

Obstacle 6 - Invisible Beam - Cross the near invisible beam. There are two paths.

Obstacle 6 - Rising Pillar - Negotiate the pillars which climb to the end.


  • Take your time with the parkour bits.
  • Try not to touch the lava, your legs will come off or you will die.
  • At the bottom of The Climb is where people normally die due to other people.
  • The Invisible Beam is better approached if you aren't looking directly at the lava.