"Jolly good show!"
―That old man from the 1800's


The Jolly Pillow is a pillow obtainable in the store/pillows page in PFS. The pillow is face with a monocle and moustache on the pillow with teapots being particles emitted.


Cheer up! It's that good Jolly ol' pillow! How could you resist that cute (but slightly creepy) face complete with a moustache, creepy eyes and that freaky monocle. And the teapots are amazing, am I right? *drinks tea*

I apologize to the British readers out there, this isn't meant to offend you. Well, that is, if you don't drink tea and for some reason hate it.


  • Originally, the pillow had realistic teapots.
    • The badge on debug still contains this image.