"Oh, this toltec seems nice-AHHHHHHHH"
―Dead player


The Lobby was originally a cot with some building blocks inside it. This changed depending on the event that PFS had. For example, the Halloween Event 2016 had pumpkins inside the cot.

Now, players find themselves on a desert island with pirate ships and a volcano in the background.


After the loss of their beloved crib, the pillow fighters set sail to look for a different place. They ended up getting shipwrecked here on this island...


  • Try not to fall off the map, although there isn't any repercussions.
  • Landing in the volcano from the Tiki Cannon will net you 10 Stars.
  • You wait 30 seconds here for the round to start. Why not make some friends?


  • The water turns into a blue sand baseplate when the map loads.
    • It appears like this at random times if your graphic level is lower then 3.
  • This map looks familiar in Reason 2 Die Awakening, as it's used in the King Crab II Boss Map.


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