In-Game Maps

PFS offers a variety of maps which provide unique gameplay and are the main environment where players attempt to win.

Here are all of the main PFS maps:

Avalanche.png SkyCube.png Jotanic.png Farm.png SkyForge.png
Avalanche SkyCube Jotanic Farm SkyForge
Sewers.png Home.png Mun.png LavaCave.PNG DoomedRun.png
Sewers Home Mun LavaCave DoomedWalls
Untitled.png Cruise.png Submarine.png Soccer.png TikiVolcano.png
Snapville Cruise Submarine Soccer TikiVolcano
DiefasterIsland.png Eh.png Flood.png DantesPeak.png CrystalCove.png
DieFasterIsland MummyRuins Flood DantesPeak CrystalCave
ClockBaws.png Galleons.png Hexagon.png Toyland.png CubeKingdom.png
ClockBaws Galleons Hexagon Toyland CubeKingdom
Destroyer.png Gladiators.png Hillside.png SnapExpress.png Bop.png
Destroyer Gladiators Hillside SnapExpress Bop
Pinball.png Plinky.png
Pinball Splinky

Event Maps

Maps that are exclusive to events.

These maps last as long as the event goes.

Untitled-0.png Obby.png Brawl-0.png HalloweenHunt.png ChristmasBall.png
Halloween Obby Christmas Obby Christmas Brawl Halloween Hunt Christmas Ball
Christmas Run

Special Maps

Maps that aren't really important to PFS gameplay but are still used for other reasons.


Removed Maps

Maps that used to be playable during PFS.

Cake.png Bed2.png Oilrig.png
Cake Bed Oilrig
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