"I come at midnight. "


The MidnightElf Hat is a hat unobtainable in the store in PFS. It's literally just a elf hat.


Bit of a misconception, all the elf hats aren't they? You'd expect all elves to work at midnight and/or around that time.

Well, hush my mouth, you are incorrect. They'd expect you to work at around that time so you can buy cookies and milk for them during the daytime. They then deliver you presents during the daytime. Humans are so gullible.

Just to keep up the presence of working elves at night, however, Santa came up with the ingenious idea of making one single elf working at around midnight. To make him stand out from the night, he made this bright orange hat. People still fall of this trick to this day.


  • During Christmas 2016, it used to cost 2,000 stars, during Winter 2018, it costs 3,000 stars.