"Year of the monkey!"
―Chinese man that actually follows the calendar


The Monkey Pillow is a pillow that is unobtainable in the store/pillows page in PFS. The only way to get it was to buy it during the Chinese New Year celebrations for 2016 for 15 Robux. On the Pillow is Chinese lettering with Red Monkeys as the particle being emitted.


Really, no offence to the people who actually meet the criteria for this pillow, but... Who actually uses the Chinese calender?

Well, according to the general public, some people do. If these people actually exist please contact me.

Warning: I do not speak or understand Chinese. Jopede may tho. Go ask him whether people use this calendar in Mandarin.

What has this got to do with The Year Of the Monkey?, I hear you say. Well, I don't know.


  • Reference to the Year of the Monkey, which was 2016.
  • Particles used to be a red monkey with a yellow face and ears.
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