"Hunting its fun!"


A tomb of an Egyptian mummy, with various traps to stop you getting out alive.


Let me just clarify, you are not Indiana Jones. Got that?

Well, clearly not. You fools are untrained and don't even go for the proper treasure. You fight over a simple egg. That is called stupidity.

Wait a second, this egg is priceless! *Sneaks the egg into pocket*


  • If there are too many players going after the egg, consider leaving it, as you also have to outrun the oncoming sand.
  • The moving platforms will make you fall off if you are on top/against another player; try keeping some space away so this doesn't happen.
  • You will not have enough time to use the truss/obby section in the middle of the second room.
  • When using the second moving platform to the right side of the second room, jump off with a large amount of motion before it stops at its destination, giving a small boost.
  • The boulders in the third room will almost never hit you, go slightly right to them to avoid them.
  • When going up the truss in the third room, leap onto it to save time.
  • Trying to kill the person possessing the egg will waste time and will most likely get you killed, only do so if you are at the end of the map and already have the PaperMummy Pillow.


  • You ,can win the BronzeMummy Pillow by winning the map with the Faberge egg and the PaperMummy Pillow, by just winning the map.
  • If you look closely at some of the platforms, they contain an image of the illumanti.