"So let me get this straight, you somehow fell asleep, got on some kind of space travel to here, with your pillows, and decided to fight for the fun of it? Wow you are true lunatics."


Mun is a map that takes place in outer space. There are various spaceships dotted around the map. Other then that pretty much rocky terrain.


I guess NASA wanted to do some research of the effect of outer space on mad maniacs. Mission probably went wrong and now you are fighting over absolutely nothing.

This is probably what NASA expected but, hey, why assume? You guys could be there to save mankind. I doubt it though.


  • During Team Deathmatch and Free For All, camp on the highest hill to knock your enemies away from you.
  • Avoid the asteroids.They explode once you touch them.
  • Use the low gravity to avoid your enemies.


  • The map is probably named after the Moon.
  • There is a Illuminati sign hidden here.