Pillow Fight Simulator used to hold a large library of different songs. The current (and new) ones are less diverse; however, more intense & mood setting. This page will give you the names of the songs used (and credits, if possible).

Music is at least 50% of the gameplay, so it's very important to have good pieces of music.

Music used

  • "Hall of the Mountain King" - Original by Edvard Grieg (Recorded by Kevin Macleod)
  • "The Halloween"
  • "Halloween Fun"
  • "Super Mega Pirate"
  • "Rock Fighting"
  • "Return of the Banjo"
  • "Pirate Theme"
  • "Fanfare" - Alliance Theme
  • "Battle March" - Federation Theme
  • "Comic Grooves"
  • "Action Suspense"
  • "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" - Kevin Macleod
  • "Nearer my god to thee" - Rawsome_Music


  • Say "MUTE" to mute the music and "UNMUTE" to unmute the music.