"Some 90s ornament what we found in our grandma's basement what we don't even use it anymore. Oh wait now we do?"


The SantaElf Hat is a hat available for a limited time in the store in PFS. It is a branch embroidered hat with colorful lights.


Contrary to belief, there is actually a backstory to this other than your grandparents using it as a door hanger.

It all started during the Ancient Greek times, where athletes wore this on their heads during the Ancient Olympics. The Romans then took over Olympia and stashed this in their basements.

World War II made sure the liberators found these relics. Since it was found around Christmas, they decided it was a Christmas omen.

That's how your grandparents found these in their "basements". Plus why your parents think they are keeping in touch with modern times by hanging this on the door.