"Why is there a phone on our head?"


The Phone Hat is a obtainable hat in the PFS store. The hat is a phone on your head with players on the screen.


In inspiration of this collectible item, I am righting- I mean writing this on my phone. Auto correct is good on these plastic items nowadays.

Anyways, rumors has it that you asked a leading company to give you a phone, but they refused. In light of this, you went to that shady corner shop, on your street, and asked for one.

Turns out, they'll only give it to you if you play Pillow Fight Simulator. Oh, and the loading screen is Pillow Fight Simulator related for that constant reminder to play.


  • If you look more closely on the phone, you can see the Oilrig map, accompanied with the Pillow Fight Simulator logo.
  • On the back of the phone is the apple logo and iPhone insigia.