Pillows are the weapons players use in the game.

Using ROBUX, you can buy new Pillows with cool designs, sounds, and particles!

Pillows are only cosmetic. They do not increase damage, swing rate, or anything of the sort.

Pillows deal one fourth of a players health, and have about a one second swing rate no matter what pillow is used.

Pillownice.png BLPB.png RLPB.png GLPB.png
CaPB.png BPB.png ClPB.png NPB.png
MooPB.png CPB.png JoPB.png FPB.png
DPB.png BluPB.png JolPB.png DoPB.png
SPB.png PRPB.png YLPB.png PCPB.png
WLPB.png PPB.png GPB.png MLGPB.png
MPB1.png BMPB.png GMPB.png
JPB.png MPB.png 2016PB.png 2017PB.png
EPB.png HPB.png SaPB2.png BooPB.png
ZPB.png 2018.png Snowman.png SanPB.png
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