"Live life retrostyle, by being bounced around a machine in a ball."


This map is a giant Pinball machine, like the name implies. Stand on the button at the start of the course to get going.

Get stars by hitting stuff. A person may also operate the flippers at the end of the machine. All fun and games really.


Who could resist a giant machine in which you place yourself into just to have fun?

Seemingly, this is very popular if you look at the stats. People don't generally die inside a ball.

However, if you want to be a idiot, go jump off the machine. Tell me how it's like.


  • Try not to get stuck at the start behind a backlog of balls.
  • Remember that this map has no boundaries, so you can easily jump of the map and not get the survival rewards.


  • Removed due to the fact Ball gamemodes are laggy for mobile users.
  • Hitting the boosters and illuminated walls will net you +2 stars. Hitting somebody with the flipper will net you +10 stars.