"先輩スワジェンチャン!(Translated: Senpai Swager-chan!)"
―Mega fan of swager


The SenseiSwag Pillow is a buyable pillow from the PFS store/pillows section. It has SWAGER21 (also known as John Roblox) encased on the skin of the pillow, with himself and Japanese text as particles.


SWAGER21 was a popular youtuber. Yeah, we all know that. But of course, somebody probably took it a bit... too far?

I mean, this pillow was clearly a merchandise option for the fanboys of SWAGER out there. Again, he may be popular, but don't buy some bootlegged pillow with Japanese writing coming out of it.

Oh wait, it isn't bootlegged is it?


  • Reference to SWAGER21, youtuber of games such as R2DA.
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