"Kinda looks like a lego sit that your 6 year old brother destroys."


SkyCube is a map that is based around a floating island in the sky, made of toy-like cubes.

The map contains things such as houses and towers, along with a teleporter for a quick getaway.


It's hard to explain how there is a small town built by cubes floating in the sky.

Nobody knows who built it, how it got there, or why it is there.

The oddest thing about this place is how the Snappers are able to find their way to the SkyCube.

Perhaps it's best not to question how it happened. After all, we could just be dreaming.


  • If you're in a sticky situation, you can use the teleporter that is behind the red house to get away from Snappers or players easily.
  • The tower is a good place to camp, as you can surprise enemies climbing to the top by jumping down onto them.