"Oh snap!"


The Snapper is an AI that can destroy objects and humans alike. They first weaken an object (noted by the rustiness of the part) before destroying it.

You can temporarily knockout a Snapper, however they respawn.

Contrary to belief, they do not live on water, as shown by SkyCube and Snapville.


You know, Snappers weren't always harmful. They were cute, little creatures that didn't know any better and always got in trouble. Until, a certain someone stole all their treats for themselves... The Snappers were enraged when they heard the news and promised to find and take revenge on the culprit who stole their belongings, even if it took them years.

Though, they never found the treats and ate people instead for food.


  • Try to move in unpredictable patterns, as they are only AI, and effective against still people.
  • Avoid going near groups of Snappers, as they are MUCH stronger in groups.


  • They are only on the Snap gamemode.
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  • Made by PlaceRebuilder.
  • A rare variant "Captain Snap" can appear.
    • Cruise is the only map confirmed to have this variant.