"You'd think that you should stay away from a place named after dangerous animals. Wait are they animals or savage monsters?"


As the name implies, this is a village with all the usual village stuff, like a tower and a few houses.

What the name also implies, is that the fearsome Snapper lives here. Yes that's right, nowhere near water as you would expect.


Snappers are most likely to be found at sea. That's what cause the Jotanic to sink (we think). So when the original population of this village was attacked, they were surprised.

Well, nearly. They had heard tales of Snappers attacking villages not on land, but in the sky. Of course, we now know that they are talking about the infamous SkyCube incident.

The population was wiped out. Snappers liked it here for some reason. Now you were an unlucky passer-by passing the village. Prepare to hide and run. Or die.


  • Higher ground is the key to surviving, just don't be knocked off.


  • This map is named after the Snapper.