"Oversized pillow soccer"


Soccer is a map as well as being the most popular sport in the world. Unless you are in Europe then you people dastardly name it Football.

It's basically a soccer pitch with a huge scoreboard to see who is winning.


Name a Soccer team that's basically red. I dunno, Manchester United? Name another one that is blue? Er...

Anyways, you are playing for the honor and glory of your team and country. Score goals in and deceive your opponents.

Oh wait, there is no referee. This is just the recipe for disaster. Fouls committed with illegal pillows on the pitch, far offside players and goal hangers.

Yep, this is the "beautiful game" people like to talk about.


  • Always have somebody as a Goalkeeper to prevent own-goals and opponents' goals
    • If the situation becomes dire, you can always kick the ball out.
      • This will reset the ball to the middle of the pitch.
  • Knock your opponents down when they are chasing after the ball.
  • Try to remember where you are scoring, you wouldn't want the other team to win because of you.