• + means the addition of anything.
    • Additional information is in this.
  • ^ means the edit of a feature.
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  • * means the patch of a problem.
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  • - means the removal of something.
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2.3.7 "Winter"

+Added Map ChristmasRun
+Added Map ChristmasBall
+Added Lobby Christmas Music
+Added Winter Themed Pillows
+Added 2018 Pillow
+Added Winter Themed Hats
+Added Winter Event
+Added Winter Lobby and Winbox


-All Ball maps removed due to lag on phones.

2.3.6 "Halloween"

+Added Map HalloweenHunt
+Added Halloween Themed Pillows
+Added Halloween Themed Hats
+Added Ghosts
+Added CAP Mode To Selected Maps
+Added TR Gamemode
+Added 5 New Songs (2 Halloween Songs)
^Changed Lobby & Game to Halloween Style
^Increased Volume on SenseiSwag Pillow
^Fixed Game Crippling Bug
^Fixed Blocks in ToyLand


^Changed Obby
-All Halloween features removed
-No longer can obtain pillows from this event


^Fixed some Errors
^Fixed DoomedWalls bricks falling
+Added Turkey Hat
+Added HairOfImportance Hat

     Is freely gifted to those who have helped the game immensely.

+Added more Obbies in Lobby

2.3.5 "Lazarus"

+Added Map ToyLand
+Added Map MummyRuins
+Added Confidential Security Update
+Added Mummy Pillow Set
+Added Sloth Hat
+Added Pharaoh Hat
+Added Lobby Sign
+Added VIP Servers
+Added Easter Egg Musik
^Optimized Scripts & Game
^Changed some winning areas
*Attempted to fix Chips
-Removed Cake Map